While nurturing the young life inside you, you need to remember to stay away from the wrong food. Instead as a young mother, you must be aware of all foods to eat when pregnant first trimester. Eating wholesome and nutritious meals is very important. This is because your body begins to utilize all the energy and nutrients delivered by the food consumed. These nutrients are essential to keep you strong during motherhood and develop a healthy growing baby.  You will need to maintain an ideal balance of fat, protein and carbohydrate and keep those calories at bay. Here are some food items to include in your diet to keep your baby and you healthy, naturally.


You must compulsorily consume 3-5 servings a day. You can choose vegetables of various colours like dark green – spinach, kale or broccoli, orange from sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, or winter squash, yellow from yellow peppers and corn, and white from radish and lastly red from red peppers and tomatoes. You need to make sure that you choose no artificially coloured vegetables. The veggies must be fresh and you can arrange them in a rainbow-coloured fashion. 


Another name on the list of foods to eat when pregnant first trimester! You must consume 3-4 servings a day. If you find it hard to chew, you can blend then into fresh sugar-less juice. Remember to include one citrus fruit such as tangerine, orange or grapefruit as they are a great source of vitamin C. You must include a medium piece of an orange or an apple, half a banana, half cup of cooked or chopped fresh fruit and few dried fruits.

Dairy Foods

Following nearly three servings in a day, dairy foods positively deliver calcium, which helps your baby grow strong bones.  To get the right amount of calcium, eat natural yoghurt and drink milk. Cheese is also a good source of calcium. Non-fat or low-fat dairy products are an amazing choice to get rid of extra calories and saturated fat. Lactose-free dairy products are a good choice for all those mothers who cannot digest dairy products or are lactose intolerant. 


You must include proteins in at least 2-3 servings a day. Since you cannot eat fish, eggs, poultry or lean meats, here are a few vegetarian sources of protein for you. Beans – be it kidney beans, pinto beans or black or garbanzo beans, they are excellent sources of protein. They can be followed by nuts, lentils, seeds and split peas. You can have them boiled with salt or make a crunchy sandwich out of them.

Lastly, remember to include whole grains for that extra fibre. Drinking lots of water – around 3 litres a day will keep your body hydrated. Fibre and water together are great for smooth bowel movement as well. Include all the foods to eat when pregnant first trimester as mentioned above because you can never get this precious time with your baby again. Make sure you make most of it and keep yourself and the baby safe and healthy!

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